“Les adultes semblent plus captivés que les enfants! Un grand bravo au couple américano-finlandais auteur de la prouesse.”

Le journal, Chalon dans la rue


“I went back to see it again. Powerful. The masks seemed to look right through me. Funny, expressive and very beautiful."

Herrenhausen-Baroque Gardens - Hannover, Germany


“The simple and gentle beauty of Baggies was confirmation of the quality of this company.” Jonathan Holloway, Festival Director Watch this Space - National Theater - London, England

puppets street theater nakupelle

Show Time: 25 mins.

Audience: family

Language: silent comedy

puppets street theater nakupelle

Set up / Strike: 10 / 10 mins.

Venue: street / theatre / event

Playing Area: 6m circle / 5m height

mobile: +44 7408842925

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