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Sculpture / Frieze - "Virgo"

Pastel Drawing - "Nourishment


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Matilda is an award-winning artist, sculptor and craftsperson as well as an actor and mask maker. Her skills as a painter and colorist have had a strong influence on nakupelle's visual style. As an actor she has been featured in a number of productions playing everything from a high fashion model to a dancing monkey. She is also a crochet designer with colourful and creative handmade accessories sold worldwide (see website below right). She's a passionate gardener and a keen nature photographer.

As a mask maker, Minna Matilda has created actor training and performance masks for Cirque du Soleil, the Julliard School and Circle-in-the-Square in New York City, Trinity Repertory Company, Bucknell University, the Dell'Arte School, San Francisco's Clown Conservatory, as well as numerous university and conservatory training programs. She has designed performance masks for solo artists and theatre ensembles all over the world.

Minna Matilda

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