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la boutique

2 actors play 8 masks and 1 dog puppet in a tale of fashion and fantasy. La Boutique explores themes of self-esteem and the obsession with style over substance as nine masked characters live out their fantasies in search of true love.

waiting for the fridge

A starving clown finds a fridge full of food and takes off on a slapstick journey stocked with perverse puppetry, eccentric dance, epicurean edification, masks and magic. Part Beckett, part Coyote Trickster tale, with a heaping helping of Masterchef.

peel (when the id comes marching in)

With influences ranging from the Tibetan Book of the Dead to Mad Magazine, the Medieval Feast of Fools to Monty Python, Freud & Jung to Moe & Curly, PEEL utilizes ingenious mask work and physical comedy to tell the story of one man's fall and the power of humour to heal.

nakupelle physical mask theater
nakupelle mask theatre
clown theater

the trap

Technology and nature do battle with an unlucky fool caught in the middle. Sublime slapstick and poetic pratfalls, mad music, peculiar props and hilarious physical comedy.

monkey bizness

Italo wants to make some money. He’s got a pocketful of tutti-frutti, a street organ. But will this monkey ever get funky? Puppetry, Commedia, European Street Theatre and a bit of the Animal Channel.


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bon appetit!

This mad comic catches fruits & vegetables on his face. Opening the wine he ends up in a one-arm handstand on top of the bottle. It's culinary slapstick, enchanting the audience with food for thought and laughter for the belly.


Part mask performance, part puppet show, baggies combines beautiful masks with ingenious use of movement & costume to create a comic & poetic performance.

Street, Cabaret, Varieté
puppet circus


Combining hand and body puppets, full and half face masks, circsophrenic is a combination of styles with influences from the Italian Commedia, the Japanese Bunraku, and the European Circus tradition. A comic and crazy day at the circus.

nakupelle physical theatre
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